April 13, 2024

Write For US

Want to write for Health Topics? Great! We’ve listed the guidelines on how to reach us and what types of advices/topics/content we publish.

Write for us- Pro Health Cure

At Pro Health Cure, our editorial team is working round the clock to provide unique information regarding medical facts and figures. This will help the readers to follow the tips and build a better lifestyle. We are a group of medical enthusiasts working with a goal to provide access to better health content. Our highly skilful team curates content that is accurate(backed by trusted sources), and inclusive.

With the agenda of improving and nourishing human health, we monitor each aspect of the human body including emotional, social, cultural, lifestyle, and even external factors.

If your work in the health industry & want to share your experience with our valuable audience, send your article to us at [email protected].
Our editorial team will go through your article to look for relevance and other aspects. After approval from our editors, your content will be ready for publishing!!


  • Copyscape pass is required for genuine content. No one likes duplicate content nor does Google. 
  • The article should be somewhere around 1000-1500 words long.
  • Guest posts with links to product/package pages or sites relevant to the Health industry are also welcome. 
  • We reserve every right to edit the formatting and wording of your article if necessary.

Topics You Can Choose!!

  • Women Health
  • Physical Health
  • Mental Health
  • Weight Loss
  • Nutrition
  • Disease
  • Brain diseases
  • Kidney & Urological diseases
  • Eye diseases and disorders
  • Cancer
  • Health and wellness in general
  • Skin problems and diseases
  • Obs/Gynecology problems
  • Heart diseases
  • GI Tract problems and diseases
  • Bones & Joint diseases
  • Dental problems
  • Yoga, exercise, and medication
  • Healthcare technology for improving the overall health of patients


By submitting an article to the Pro Health Cure, you acknowledge that you have read and are bound by this agreement and any other PHC(Pro Health Cure) usage agreements that may govern your conduct.